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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Multi-Voltal (Many-Faced) Moth

This incredible species could fool almost any other species. It has at least two full faces and several partial ones, including eyes, as part of its camouflage. Its actual face is very difficult to see unless you know where to look. In this specimen, the eye is the black hashed area above the heavy lidded eye on the grey face to the left. The moth's tongue is extended in this image and can be clearly seen curling up above the eye. Perhaps the most amazing camouflage of all, however, is the moth's legs which have evolved to look exactly like human fingers. Apparently humans - as the most threatening species on the planet - are enviable for their fear factor. To resemble a human hand must be a very powerful deterrent to most of the moth's would-be predators, which include several species of bird, elephant, and galloping aardvark.

Caped Somnium Chickens

These odd, one-eyed birds have startled the biological community. They were briefly seen and sketched just a few weeks ago in September 2012. They have a marvelous way of maneuvering their bodies and "capes" (particularly nimble and extendable wings and plumage) so that they appear as they might in a dream - the observer recognizes they are chickens (of a sort) despite not having many plausible chicken-like features.
Note the middle bird is carrying her young in a specially evolved wing pouch.

Trunked Cloud Worm

This animal is a new species of Cloud Worm, but very little about it is known. If you have information, please don't hesitate to submit it.